Specialized in art transportation, De Wit Art Handling guarantees adequate solutions and bespoke services. We transport your valuable art securely, efficiently and sustainable.

Transportation of world famous paintings, unique statues, extraordinary heirlooms or vulnerable antiques: this is a specialist's business. De Wit Art Handling is one of these specialists. We provide the transportation of art for museums, art fairs, art traders, galleries and private collectors.

Transportation and (climate controlled) packaging of a single item, an entire exhibition or collection: rest assured - it is in our capable hands. Moreover, we conduct this specialist's business in an efficient, sustainable manner. This is why we are able to minimize the costs without compromizing the quality of the execution.

De Wit Art Handling: reliable, efficient and sustainable

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Dutch Design Supermodels
De Wit Art Handling is a proud sponsor of Dutch Design Supermodels. A travelling exhibition about Dutch product design, architecture and interior architecture.'SUPERMODELS' will make its first appearance during the Salone del Mobile 2014 in Milan. For more information visit http://goo.gl/cvCnEq or http://goo.gl/WW7YHj
TEFAF Maastricht 2014
For this years TEFAF Maastricht we are offering combined and dedicated transportation. Feel free to inform about the possibilities, you can reach us by phone of email.
December promotion
Send a message to remco@art-handling.nl with the subject "Art Handling 2014" and receive a personal code worth 15% discount. Which can be used in 2014 for transportation, packaging and exhibition services. (not applicable for combined transports)
PAN Amsterdam
Are you a participant on this years PAN Amsterdam? We can offer you several services concerning your art exhibition. Services such as transportation, packaging or installing your exhibition. If you are interested please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Museum and gallery service

Carriers, project management, cleaning of depots and objects, registration of collections and installing art: aside from the transportation, De Wit Art Handling can take the load off you. Whatever queries, questions or wishes: the creative team at De Wit Art Handling likes to provide a realistic answer and an innovative, sustainable solution.


De Wit Art Handling is extensively experienced in preparing, organizing and executing a wide range of projects, in which we proactively consult with our customers regarding timing, efficiency and cost control.

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De Wit Art Handling uses a modern fleet of trucks and vans for the transportation of art by road. The cargo hold of every truck and van is climate controlled and air suspended. The hold is lined and furnished specifically for the transportation of art. We can also provide air and maritime transport, as well as the transportation to and from the (air-)ports; both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We arrange inventive and sound transportation if the size of an item necessitates this. We also take care of the necessary liaisons with police, security and other parties involved, to ensure a flawless transportation.

Insurances, security and 'track & trace'

With all transportations and all services, De Wit Art Handling provides the appropriate insurances and requisite (extra) security. In order to be able to keep you up to date regarding the whereabouts of your valuables, we use an online 'track & trace' utility with every transportation.

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De Wit Art Handling is associated with a large, worldwide network of specialized art transporters. We provide secure, efficient and sustainable transportation of your art and antiques - to every destination thinkable.

Administration, organisation and customs

De Wit Art Handling can take care of all extra administration incorporated with transportation. If the transportation is a complex one, a project manager, in consultation with you, draws up a detailed plan of execution. In case of transportation across borders we can take care of all customs formalities, if you so desire.

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Art storage

Are you looking for temporary storage facilities for your art and antiques, during a move, renovation or because of lack of space? De Wit Art Handling has guarded storage depots available, fitted with climate control systems.

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The secret of efficient and sustainable transportation of art lies in the packaging. Of course, De Wit Art Handling ensures the use of custom made 'climate crates' for the most vulnerable and most precious items. However, not all objects and paintings require this kind of solution. Smaller objects and statues for instance are transported without any risk or loss of quality in specially designed reusable plastic boxes.

For every single object, De Wit Art Handling determines the packaging required - from a realistic point of view. This not only saves packaging material, but also storage space and time - and thus money.

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Competent art handlers

All art handlers at De Wit Art Handling are severely selected professionals. They completed the professional training in Art Handling and can produce a VCA Safety Training certificate, as well as a Certificate of Conduct. Our handlers escort the transport of your valuables - from packing to unpacking; optimal service and maximal discretion.

Quality and sustainability

De Wit Art Handling is certified according to both ISO 9001 (internationally acknowledged quality standard) and VCA (safety standard). Apart from quality and safety, sustainability is one of our key policies. This is why we applied for (and were granted) ISO 14001 (internationally acknowledged sustainability standard).
Participating in environment projects (both nationally and internationally), De Wit Art Handling formally is CO2 neutral. In order to further reduce our carbon footprint, we advanced the renewal of our fleet and we purchase external services as 'green' as possible. We also use sustainable and recyclable materials.

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Do you want more information about our services?
Please feel free to contact us by using the contact information below

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